Tarot meant to find your true self, to find the right path to liberation from illusions. You're able to achieve that by exploring your past, and how it relates to the present situation you are in now. Once you discovered the past, you are able to do something in the present moment to create a better future today. Therefore, tarot and Gypsy Card is a tool for healing, teaching you how to reach a better future in your voyage of life.

The main purpose of Gypsy Card and Tarot is to teach you the oneness with everything, which enables you to have a more clear perception of what defines life and the universe, and how it created us all, hence the saying, 'We are One'.

With Tarot, you are able to lose the sense of self, the boundary between the self and the rest of the world. In doing so you ultimately wind up in a universal state, which is called the 'Third Eye'.