Starting with Gypsy Card
Starting with Gypsy Card


This ebook, Key to Tarot, is a Guide to understand the connection between playing card, combined with chess peace, helping you to understand the oneness behind Gypsy Card and Tarot, allowing you to see clearly their connection. This teaching tool is meant to guide you toward a better life, to think before you decide on your next step, not to end up in checkmate, known as the twenty-eight Circles of Hell, in a state of Malady. Yet, if you learn how to become a child again, your mind is open to learning how to gain balance.

Why is this fortune-telling card called Guiding Tarot? Because it is referring to life, your voyage through time and space, consciousness, and the third eye, guiding you to find your way home. The cards are designed to make an accurate fortune-telling tool. This Guiding fortune-telling card looks as unique as you. With this ebook, you will also learn how the universal reality playing out in human life.


The Ten of Clubs card indicate a major disaster of some sort. It shows that a certain force of extreme magnitude has come to hit you in your life - one that you may have not foreseen. There is a sense of betrayal, a reminder that despite how much you try, you cannot control everything - there are things that are beyond your ability to change. Here, this situation is unavoidable. The tale of the Loss is a powerful metaphor, one that ends in tragedy. The card's element is air, which is a symbol of the intellect and logic, and yet we find the final culmination of this card a complete and total defeat of intellect and the spirit. We must realise that Knowledge can be used as a weapon and that it can have immense potential for destruction or for good.


The story as it unfolds when knowledge is stolen, it has got into the hands of the untrained, using it to blind you - makes many mistakes, and then spends an entire lifetime attempting to run away from the ruin he has caused, often blaming others for his own fault, taking the easy way out. From a very young age, we are conditioned to compete, to win, to get what we want. Many of us grow up internalising this idea, which becomes the driving force in our relationship, friendships, career, and even in our spiritual path, pride in all its forms.